a place for your beauty routine

Right before we began the quarantine, I had just finished setting up a new vanity area in my bedroom. Beforehand, my makeup was all in bags in the bathroom. My creams and oils were in my closet and I’d fish them out as needed. Now with my new vanity area, I have a dedicated space for my beauty routine. This makes my products more accessible and the whole experience much more pleasurable.  This further proves my hypothesis that creating designated zones for activities you want more of in your life (like a designated spot to write, paint, play games, music etc.) greatly increases the chances of making time to engage in said activities.

It may seem counter-intuitive that I’m spending more time on my beauty routine than in pre-pandemic times, but these rituals have been more important to me than ever before. And somehow, being home all the time, it’s easier to maintain these routines too.  Before, I was rushing around so much, activities like face masks or doing my nails were relegated to the weekends. Now, in contrast, I’m practicing some kinda self-care ritual every single day. From my consistent morning work-out routines to flossing twice a day and keeping my skin moisturized and my body hydrated, I am leaning into taking care of myself in a more comprehensive way — and I’m already feeling the benefits.

If you too want to make more space in your life to take care of yourself and want to create a vanity area, Be sure to check out some tables, stools and mirrors. Then add accessories to your heart’s content to create a space that you will love to treat yourself in.

 What does your beauty routine look like? Be sure to comment below!!!

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